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29/10/2022 Halloween: My first gig.

A lovely slo-mo video and picture my photographer friend took at the Halloween gig (IG: @alpix1)

So I had got my insurance and done some fire safety training over the summer but still had not done any public performances. I had told myself I would go to Edinburgh and do some public shows but somehow I would always lose confidence at the last minute. Not because of my spinning, I've played with fire many times and I really enjoy it; but the idea of being "on show" made me feel anxious.

When Kate, the manager of the Glencorse center asked me to do a show for Halloween I was delighted. It was the absolute perfect place to make my debut. The Glencorse center had supported me through the winter last year offering me space to practice my spinning, it had become like a home from home. An experience and feeling I think everyone has when they start to become more involved with the center.

The Halloween party is organised by a special person who has been doing it for years, as they used the community center when they were many lovely stories! The theme was "The gates to hell" and I was to stand outside and spin fire as a welcome party. Then, half way through the party I was going to do some choreographed performances as some extra entertainment.

I spent a couple of weeks choosing my songs and creating dance routines. I had recently bought some poi with very long heads that make huge flames called "snakes" and made a routine especially for them. The week before the gig I was practicing and refining the routines every day for a couple of hours.

I really enjoyed welcoming everyone as they came in with my spinning, it gave me the opportunity to warm up and it was nice interacting with people as they walked past heckling "welcome to hell" and pulling faces at the kids.

Then came my dance performance...My first song was "The Devil" by BANKS to get people in the mood, followed by "Play with fire" by Sam Tinnesz [feat. Yacht Money] which I spun the snakes to, and the finale was with "Straight to Hell" by LVCRFT & Sabrina Spellman. The crowd was wonderful, friendly and grateful and gave me lots of applause and positive feedback. Some locals separate from the party guests set off some [unauthorised] fire works in a field near by and even though it wasn't part of the party or "permitted" it really added to the atmosphere and fun.

A very special experience for me is that the parents of the organiser were (and always are, after all its a community center) there doing things in the kitchen. They treated me with such loving kindness and respect, I felt like a VIP guest. When I had finished my welcome show they went out of their way to get me something to eat and a place to sit and rest before my finale (I had done about 8 or 9 fire spins in the space of 1.5 hrs which is quite a lot in spinning world). Everyone showed me so much appreciation and as I'm doing the thing I love the most I felt so happy.

It turned out that my final 3 choreographed spins were late enough to be and became part of the nights finale....what a way to finish! It felt perfect and I think the crowd enjoyed it too....can't wait to see who turns up next year!

Lessons learnt:

1 Do the things that make you happy, perhaps you can monetise what you love and have worked hard to learn? (this gig was free, see faq for details, prices and concessions)

2 Ask for help! ...spinning has changed my life, but all of the opportunities and openings that have come started with my original request for help finding a space to practice in the winter I made in my local community forum.

Spiritual Reflection: The theme of the party would have been controversial for some and I am very sensitive to this. However I was consoled by the fact that whatever room we find ourselves dancing, it is our attunement with the Light of our soul that moves us and sets the pace. There was a lot of Light shining at this event.

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