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Services & pricing information

Any event is complimented with Light and Fire performance...

Weddings, Community events, Church events, Music events, Children's parties, Campsight activities and entertainment, Residential entertainment and Occupational therapy...



Tier 1 & Tier 2

Tier 1 : £100 options

Fire Show: 5 Fire poi & 4 Fire palm torch performances.  

Light Show: 2 hrs of poi dance with L.E.D lights (plus 4x 10 minute rest breaks).

Workshop: 2 hrs Introductory poi spinning workshop (£150 includes 10 sock poi to take away)

Tier 3 : £400 options

  • 10-5 offer:  Tier 1 Workshops + on-site/in-camp availability to support and supervise spinning journeys for whoever wants and needs including being a "safe" person for kids to approach in a busy venue + any Tier 1 performance option.

  • A Weekend Of Dancing Lights!:  2 days of Poi Spinning and dance at your Will (to be negotiated) including 18 fire performances and 3 hrs of poi L.E.D light shows.

Tier 1 options FREE for...

  • All free entry community events in the town of my home address.

  • All free entry, voluntary organised and donations funded community and/or charitable events.

  • All free entry community events in towns that I have had a "home" address.

  • I am mobile in the summer and like to travel the country with my daughter.  I can offer any tier 1 or tier 2 option in exchange for accommodation for the duration their value covers.

  • Fire & Light Show:  5 Fire poi & 4 palm torch performances + x2 30 minute performances with L.E.D light poi.

  • Workshop:  2 hrs Introductory poi spinning workshop + 4 Fire poi performances & 3 palm torch performances.

  • Beginner to Intermediate Poi Spinning Lessons.

  • Confidence coaching with dance and movement.

  • Flow dance for therapy and fitness.

Who's eligible?

  • Persons' hiring for private and/or family events in receipt of benefits.

  • Persons' making block bookings

  • Persons' who wish to negotiate a contract 

  • Persons' hiring for "paid entry" ticketed community and charity fund raising events.

Concessions and free tier 1
Tier 3 and 1-1 options
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I have experience in Social Work, Health Care, Care Management and Community Working...along with the organising of music events.  I am aware of how difficult these tasks can be and how things need to be chopped and changed at the last minute.  My services will help take the weight off providing entertainment and activities.  Add some Dancing Lights to the show and everything else will Flow...

...I engage with Event Organisers to ensure my performance reflects their vision of the event they are creating.  I take pride in making my shows cater to the mood and atmosphere you are wishing for...

10% of all proceeds shall be donated to Charity and or Community Projects aimed specifically at supporting people experiencing exclusion, poverty and trauma.  


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